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TheGeeks Weekend Freeleech #218

More Chances To Win Prizes!

TheGeeks New Year Events:

Vote for Best Torrents of 2014

TheGeeks Weekend Freeleech #218

Discussion Of the Week:

What's your 2015 New Years Resolution?

Discussion on this topic -> Here

And last but not least, this week's FLOTW torrents:

Horizon S52E08 - How You Really Make Decisions

Horizon uncovers the truth about how you really make decisions. Every day you make thousands of decisions, big and small, and behind all them is a powerful battle in your mind, pitting intuition against logic. This conflict affects every aspect of your life - from what you eat to what you believe, and especially to how you spend your money. And it turns out that the intuitive part of your mind is a lot more powerful than you may realise.

Jack Foster - How to Get Ideas [1 eBook (PDF)]

How to Get Ideas shows you -- no matter your age or skill, your job or training -- how to come up with more ideas, faster and easier.

Angela Browne-Miller - Rewiring Your Self to Break Addictions and Habits

In this groundbreaking book, Browne-Miller explains simply and clearly how we can control our thoughts to rewire the brain and beat the pattern that spurs repeating harmful habits, and addictions.

They can be downloaded for free at 00:00 am Saturday UK Time

Check your local UK time by clicking HERE.

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