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TorrentsHack | TsH | 2015

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Tracker Name : TorrentsHack

Tracker URL : http://torrentshack.eu/login.php

Tracker Type : General

Signup URL : Closed




TorrentShack (TsH) born in 2010; is THE best ratioless general tracker primary focuses on Scene releases; though p2p releases are available too. TsH has very lenient H&R policy; Actually there no H&R policy here at all. Its is the best alternate for IPT, TD etc. Very awesome pretimes, super fast download speed. And very active community. Last year this tracker went raided as Sysop was arrested and he compromised and shut it down but later on staff member(s) resurrected TsH and changed it's domain to .eu so now it is gaining it's glory back. It is one the BEST ratioless tracker with very friendly staff and content. Getting an invite is not a problem at all as TsH is now an interview tracker. Go to their IRC and conduct an interview thats it.

TsH Goal:

So.... you say.... Another new Torrent Site ?

Well hopefully we won't be that. We don't want to be "Just another site" we want to be recognised, as time goes by, as one of the fastest and most friendly sites on the net.

We know we have some tall orders and there are some fantastic sites out there setting the standards pretty high for us to match. We hope to take the best elements from some of these sites and create a site with blazing pre times on scene releases but also create a vibrant and active forum !

The speed we hope to have early on. With donations we can only increase the speed and the size of the content. The forums on the other hand will be a totally different ball game. It's the users..... (You guys) that can actually make that part of the site. We can only keep things running smoothly and so we leave that part up to you !

What will perhaps make our task a little harder is the fact that we plan to achieve these goals purely by using donations. We believe that we can create a torrent site to rival the fastest sites you can think of without having to resort to selling GB for money. We are confident you don't need to have the funds of a small country to compete.







Browse (Top 10):







Request Section:




Final Comment:

TsH is highly recommended tracker for it's content, community and speed. It has very fast pretimes mostly ~ in second, Awesome selection of Packs and did I tell you it's ratioless?

Speed: 8.5/10

Content: 9/10
Community: 8/10
Ratio Type: Ratioless
Recommended: Highly
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