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Monthly Newsletter – January 2015

Seeding Bonus System had been added!

The Seeding Bonus went online December 1st. Just Go to My Account, and click on Seeding Bonus to exchange Bonus Points or click on your bonus points to go to the Exchange

How do I get points?
You receive 0.48 points per torrent (that the system sees) for every hour the system registers you as being a seeder.
About bonus points
With enough bonus points acquired, you are able to exchange them for an Upload Credit and/or Invites. The points are then removed from your Bonus Bank and the credit is added to your total uploaded amount or invites.
To get bonus points you need to have the complete torrent which includes all jpg/nfo/ect documents. Keep the torrent open in your torrent client and your bonus points will start to increase.
It means, when you download a torrent 100% ( completely ), share back and every hour you will get bonus points for every torrent you keep sharing back. Just download the torrent 100% and don't close your torrent client, keep sharing with others, Even if no one downloads from you, you will get bonus points for it.
Once you accumulate loads of points you can use them on any of the options listed above. You get points even if there are no leechers on the torrent and you can seed as many torrents as you want. Yet another way to help out your ratio!

Please moderate your downloads to
user..................2 torrents at a time,
power user........5 torrents at a time, but only 3 from each uploader at a time.
VIP.................20 torrents at a time, but only 3 from each uploader at a time.

Please leave your torrent client running after you have finished downloading to help others downloading the same torrent. Please seed for at least 48 hours.

Please remember we are a private tracker site – when uploading, please set your torrents that way.

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