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Harry Potter Is Getting Its Coolest Fan Experience Yet


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It seems more than fair to suggest that standing on Platform 9 3/4 and waiting to board the Hogwarts Express is a daydream shared by Harry Potter fans around the world. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is giving fans a taste of that reality in the form of a massive expansion to the Making of Harry Potter set tour in the U.K.. Check out the announcement below:

Last week, we were tipped off by more than one of the official Harry Potter fan Facebook pages that something bigger this way comes for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter in the U.K. Sure enough, their official site posted the announcement today that, on Thursday, March 19, they'll be unveiling a 20,000 foot expansion to the tour, which will include the original Hogwarts Express steam engine, along with a recreation of Platform 9 3/4, which Harry Potter fans will know from the books and the films as the secret, magical location where Hogwarts students wait to depart for school at the end of the summer.

Not to be confused with Universal Studios' The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Studio Tour is in England, and allows fans of the films to view set pieces and props from the Harry Potter movies. In the case of this expansion, the new section is actually being put together by many of the same crew members who worked on the films. Production Designer Stuart Craig's platform set, which includes the glass roof, yellow brick walls and luggage racks, and will be put back together for this new section, under the supervision of Construction Manager Paul Hayes and Set Decorator Rosie Goodwin. The train will even be set up to emit puffs of special effects steam.

As for the planned experience for fans who visit the tour, here are some of the things they'll be able to do in this section...

Pose with a luggage trolley on Platform 9 ¾ as it disappears through the station’s yellow brick wall and walk along the Hogwarts Express’ adjoining carriage

Explore the interior carriage set that was used during filming (complete with ‘windows’ that demonstrate the process used to create iconic train scenes from the films such as the escape of Harry’s first Chocolate Frog and the Dementor attack)

See a selection of prop luggage and find out which character owned which items by turning an interactive dial (characters include Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood and more)

Browse a wide range of goodies inspired by the Harry Potter films and, specifically, the Hogwarts Express in a train-themed souvenir shop which will be open on the platform

We knew this announcement was coming, but as of last week, we weren't sure what the expansion would include. The last time the WB Studio Tour expanded, they explored the Dark Arts. As chilling as that experience appears to be, this new addition is particularly awesome, as I'm sure fans would love the opportunity to feast their eyes on the film's actual Hogwarts Express. Not only will this expansion bring the 78-year-old British steam train engine back to the Leavesden set, but it's also giving visitors the awesome opportunity to see it with their own eyes and appreciate one of the truly iconic set pieces featured in some of the Harry Potter films.

Now, if only Molly Weasley were around to point us in the direction of a magical train that could get us to the studio...


Warner Bros. Studio Tour is set up in the same location where all eight Harry Potter films were based. The studio is soon to be home to the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them production, which is expected to start up this summer.

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