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uTorrent 3.4.2 will be banned. No future versions of uTorrent will be white-listed to be used with ILT until a complete and thorough investigation has been independently conducted. Meaning while BitTorrent owns the rights and are developing uTorrent, no future version of this client may be allowed.

The secret Bitcoin mining installation started with 3.4.2 build 28913 but as many of you know already, 3.4.2 has been the worst version in the entire 3.0 series for some time, so we've elected to ban all builds. Who knows, their testing in the global market for these type of activities may be the reasons the 3.0 series have been performing so badly compared to versions prior to the 3.0 release.

There are debating reports whether the Bitcoin Mining Software is being installed silently or by user error and there are claims that support both sides of the installation. The non hidden installation misleads users by not stating exactly what it is by simply saying it is to solve math problems, and upon a blind update, possibly installs without your knowledge.

We've have always recommended 2.2.1 as it truly is the last clean and stable uTorrent client you can use. Once you downgrade, be sure it doesn't update on installation and turn off the auto update feature in the settings. It is also advised that after you uninstall the old one, do a thorough cleaning and reboot of your network before continuing with a new client.

Download uTorrent 2.2.1 directly from ILT here.

We have also always stated that the use of any non-supported clients are a 'use at your own risk' and that clients are subject to be banned with or without prior notice and this is one of those times. We apologize for the short notice as we normally like to give 30 days, but under the circumstances this banning is warranted and considered mandatory.

You will need to run PC checks to see if you do in fact have a program called EpicScale running on your machine and if so, remove it with any way possible.

Again, we are terribly sorry for the inconvenience and for the short notice.

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