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It is NOT ALLOWED to sell directly through PM's. All users need to have a selling thread in order to sell. Users will be banned immediately if caught selling without a selling thread.

Torrentleach invite $10

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<p>Edit: TL received. I have however, decided it was not enough to satiate my immense appetite so I am now looking for PTP, a side of Waffles, and any other good deals you may would like to offer me me. I have bitcoins and paypal galore, and my poor empty inbox needs some filling so send me your offers.I would consider paying for buffered and invite accounts as well so just PM this fool if you got something.</p>

<p>Or email nsaandfriends@lelantos.org, that account is monitored closely.</p>


<p>I also have large quantities of air for exchange too</p>

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