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Total War: Warhammer Video Shows Gamers Sights of the Old World

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Total War: Warhammer is a huge video game that seeks to portray a big part of the Old World created by Games Workshop for their fantasy universe and a new video from developer The Creative Assembly is designed to show off some of the most impressive sights that the locations gamers can visit have to offer.

The footage features a look at the cities of the Empire and the many threats spread around them, the lakes and groves that define Bretonnia, the mountains, and underground layers that the Dwarves guard, the snow-covered areas of Norsca and the weird marshes that Sylvania occupies.

The new Old World themed video is an in-engine one and improvements to the graphical quality can be made before the game is officially launched.

The Creative Assembly also says it plans to offer more details on how the environments of the universe will affect tactical battles and strategies in a series of new videos that are coming soon.

Total War: Warhammer will be launched on May 24 of this year and will only be offered on the PC, with all those who place a pre-order for the title set to get access to the Chaos warrior faction alongside the other four core ones.

The title has new systems for sieges and province management

The Creative Assembly says that it is creating a title that is as authentic as possible to the fantasy setting of Warhammer and that it has tweaked many of the core mechanics of the Total War series to fit it.

Neither of the four core factions will be able to occupy and use all the provinces on the map, which means that gamers will have to make tough decisions about which areas to pillage and where to create strong points to control territory.

Sieges have been reworked so that the battle for the walls is more important in Total War: Warhammer than in other titles in the franchise, with more tension and drama.

For the first time, the series will feature powerful magic users on the battlefield, and there are flying units that can disrupt battle lines and force gamers to quickly adapt their strategies.

The Creative Assembly is also saying that it has plans to introduce both free and paid downloadable content packs for the strategy game in the coming months, introducing everything from new units to extra factions and powerful new Lords that come with interesting narratives attached.

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