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Hi Everybody .. New Member

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Hi Everybody ,

I am A new Member in this Amazing website . I am 22 years old from Egypt . I found this website in Google search engine , and am happy to join this

website ...

> am looking for best softwares , movies Private trackers & I hope to find this here , and I wish somebody help me to find the Best Trackers ...

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Hey, welcome to Invitehawk.. Enjoy your stay and hope you have a good time here.
Look around the forum and feel free to message me if you have any questions.

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Welcome Mike! I too am looking for some good tracker sites. If you find any will you send them my way. 

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Welcome guys, this is a good place to get started and there are some great people here to help you out. Sometimes it takes awhile to get started and into one. Also there are a lot of rules to follow. The only advice I will give to you is that if you get into a private tracker PLEASE read the rules carefully and follow them completely.

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