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Guest Stefan

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Guest Stefan

Ah, DTN, a nice new warez/scene tracker. Has just a small database of 1500 members, but dont be fooled by the small amount of seeders on their torrent files, as most of them are seeded on a dedi server. Most torrents are auto-uploaded to the site on release.

On this *amazing* tracker, you dont have to worry about keeping a ratio because of their nice bonus point system. In only a few days, you can rack up 50GB of upload ONLY on the bonus points. They have an amazing staff team ready to help you with what ever question you may have. DTN has a nice dark interface, and best of all, they ALLOW invite trading/giving away. Thats right, they LET you, no, they ENCOURAGE you to trade/give away your invites.

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At the moment, they are open for signups, but not for long ;) http://www.dispersethe.net

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