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WOP | www.worldofp2p.net | General Trackers and High Definition

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Signup Link: https://www.worldofp2p.net/signup.php
WOP is a general and High Definition tracker.

We are still grow up. Community contributions and uploading are a huge priority right now. As with all new trackers, this is an investment in the future. Only through contribution and activity will it prosper.

Please only use Gmail. As many other mail providers have issues receiving invites and they will add a huge delay in you joining.

If there is a problem with your signup please visit irc://irc.p2p-network.net:+6697/#wop-support.


Dark Theme
mtaZKipl.jpg J4iyzF3n.jpg pihJV1h6.jpg

Light Theme
iC0FMovY.jpg GirIHIgU.jpg 7vpfBT44.jpg

NOTE: Does not repeat the background picture. A problem with the screen recorder.


We look forward to seeing you on the site!


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Just some stats by 15.01.2017
Registered Users : 7734/10000
New Torrents Today: : 66
New Torrents This Month : 1297
Torrents : 6023
Peers : 4358
Seeders : 4287

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Just some stats by 07.02.2017
Registered Users : 9040/10000
New Torrents Today: : 42
New Torrents This Month : 1514
Torrents : 7219
Peers : 3481
Seeders : 3454

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Just some stats by 08.03.2017
Registered Users : 9283/10000
New Torrents Today: : 69
New Torrents This Month : 1908
Torrents : 5267
Peers : 3490
Seeders : 3464

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