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    • By MrShooter
      Open: BTSchool | BTS | General | 2018
      Tracker Description  
       private Chinese

        Tracker got about 4.5K registered members with App. +5K uploaded torrents which shows that however it's a chinese tracker , but it's not that active like other big chinese ones (e.g: Mteam , HDChina , etc..)

          Maintain ratio is so easy like other chinese trackers , as :
      - Many freeleech / 2 x upload count are uploaded daily on tracker.
      - Bonus points system is implemented where you can buy extra GBs to your upload count.
      Got very good downloading rules which makes everything is easy :

      - No Hit & run rule applied. - Torrents larger than 20GB will automatically be Free Leech
      - Raw Blu-ray, HD DVD Discs will be Free Leech
      - First episode of every season of TV Series, etc. will be Free Leech
      - ALL the torrents will be 2X up forever when they are on the site for over 1 month So many highlighted torrents there & here's simple explanation :
      - Dark Violet torrent color : Means this torrent is 30% freeleech.
      - Dark Blue torrent color : Means this torrent is 50% freeleech.
      - Yellow torrent color: Means that this torrent is totally 100% freeleech.
      - Sky blue torrent color : Means this torrent is 2 x double upload & 50% freeleech.
      - Lime green torrent color : Means this torrent is 2 x double upload & 100% freeleech.

        If you're looking for a very active chinese tracker










      Tracker Statistics

      Pre-Time -/10 Speed 7/10 Content 6/10 Community 7/10 OverAll 6/10  
    • By MrShooter
      TorrentLand | TL | General | 2018 Review
      Tracker Name TorrentLand Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker URL http://www.torrentland.li Tracker Signup Closed/Invites Only Bonus System None Banned Countries No Tracker IRC --------

      Tracker Description
      TorrentLand is one of the best and major private trackers in Spain has about 3K registered users and about 6K active torrents. Tracker interface is in Spanish and can be easily translated using Google translate. Most media torrents are internals and they come with dual audio files: English and Spanish. They have many internal encoders like EmlHDTeam,Eml Team and Castellano who provide full Bluray,1080P,720P and Brips. Speeds and pre times are good and many torrents are freeleech but they don;t have bonus pints system. Community is good and active.  

      log in


      Chat box




      Tracker Rating
      **** Speed **** 8/10 **** Content **** 8/10 **** Pre-Time **** 8/10  
    • By kara43408
      Hungarian general torrent invite 
      1 . Add Like & REP
      2 . Reply this post for apply, Don't forget to mention me
      3 . Do not PM me, I will choose you.
      4. Give me +1 Positive Feedback after you received the Account.
    • By Above
      .:. TreZzoR | General | 2018 Review .:.
      Tracker's URL: https://tracker.czech-server.com
      Signups: Open free signups*
      Tracker's Type: General
      Ratio Based: Yes
      Bonus System: Yes
      Seed Difficulty: Easy
      Trackers Description
      Description: TreZzor Tracker is a great czech general tracker. They have about 20.000 torrents.
      *Just fill the registration and leave your email and you will get invitation back.



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      Trackers Ratings

    • By rehabmc
      .::SharingCode | AGT | General | 2018 Review::.
      SharingGate is one of the oldest Arabic Trackers online. It started with an Idea of sharing anything that any Arab user would like to download. The English Interface is incomplete, so most of the site will be in Arabic even if you choose English. It's meant for Arabic Speakers only. The tracker has no bonus system but a lot of files are in Freelech. Above that some files gets double upload, 3x upload and even 4x & 5x upload are possible. Any one can upload torrents provided that the content doesn't break any rules. The one thing that distinguish the tracker from most of Arabic trackers out there is a team working to release old Anime series dubbed in Arabic using HD sources like blu ray and re-syncing the old Arabic Audio in it, thus they create a unique content that can not be found anywhere else.






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