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There's been a large influx of comments and several small arguments about requesting for subtitles in comments, so I'm going to make this announcement to clarify some things.

Explicitly requesting for subtitles is not allowed

Requesting for subtitles in an implicit manner is not allowed
This is one of the most common types of comments, and the users tend to argue that "I'm not requesting for subtitles, I'm just wondering if there are subtitles!"
Do not use the comment section to "wonder aloud if there will be subtitles for this show". If you do, expect a warning.
ie: "Its such a pity that there are no english subtitles for this show"
ie: "I wonder if there are any english subtitles for this show?"
ie "Does anyone know if anyone is subbing this show?"
ie "I wish there were english subtitles for this series"
There are many other examples, as a result of our userbase's ability to perform mental gymnastics and convince themselves that they are not requesting for subtitles. If you are unsure, go to IRC and ask if your comment is breaching the rules.
How do I request for subtitles?
Use the request subtitles feature


Select language, fill up the reward that you'd like to give, and hit submit.
Do not request for reseeds in the comments.
The site has a built in notification that notifies users when torrents that they have downloaded are low on / have no seeds.
Thus, requesting for reseeds in comments is redundant.
Further more, commenting "SEED PLZ" is not going to improve the internet speeds of other users.
While we're at it, please do not report torrents having no seeds.

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