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Feedback Contest: Trophies & Medals

  • Started by J.Stash
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Want to help create something special for InviteHawk and earn a reward for doing so?

With our recent addition of the Trophies and Medals app, we're in need of some ideas for just what those trophies and medals should be and we'll need a collection of icons to use with those ideas.

We're giving you, the community, an opportunity to present us with a list of trophies and medals, along with the icons, and the winning selection will be granted a free upgrade to our +Blizzard tier. As an added bonus, you'll be allowed to create your very own medal that will be unique to your profile only.

Couple of things to note:

  • Trophies are automatically awarded based upon certain criteria, such as content count, files submitted, days registered, etc. See this link for what is currently supported.
  • Medals are manually awarded by Staff and should include certain themes or fun achievements.
  • While we want the icons to be unique, we'd also prefer that they remain somewhat professional. We don't want neon banners or an animated batman. Something lively, cartoon-y perhaps (see the image below for an example of a previous award).
    • donator11.png

Competition Rules:

  • All content must be Safe For Work. Don't be stupid.
  • Icons need to be a maximum of 48x48 and have the ability to be resized to something a bit smaller if necessary (as we may include these in the author pane in topics).
  • To enter the contest, you need to submit your ideas along with a sample image in a response to this thread. We may contact you to review the rest of the icons.
  • Contest has a tentative deadline of two weeks (Tuesday, September 12th).

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