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How many trackers do you have. Which one is useful to you?

Guest Syed88

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Guest frosty1369

Currently I have a few site, But I only use 5 or 6 good


Ethor.net (french)


torrent 411 (french)

Megaups (games)

Play the Net (french)

I used to have BlackCats and TorrentLeech but i lost both of them... for non activity... yeah its sad...

I got a couple of French Quebec torrent for TV series etc...

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Guest Lacielee

I suppose some could say I belong to too many trackers but I do like to see what peeps are doing! :lol: I belong to over 60 trackers, visit each monthly.

Main ones used are BS, LL, PotUK, ILT.ST,IPT but in all honesty some I join because I know the staff. I love to torrent and never seem to get enough trackers. :P

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Guest TheSpeedyTurtle

I'm a member of around 15-20. I have multiple music and multiple movie trackers, as that is what I download most. Favorites are waffles and what for music. For movies I use PTP, TC, TBH. I use those 2-3 times a a week. For 0-day, I use SCC, RevTT, and GFT multiple times a week also.

I never use public trackers

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