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best elearning tracker

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  1. 1. what is the best elearning tracker? Bitme or bitspyder?

    • Bitme
    • Bitspyder

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Guest nypdz

I recon BitMe.Org , but BitSpyder.Net is not silverware. Its just that there are stuff out there in BitMe which don't come out to any other tracker or website, by that I mean , I feel it has a highly active group buying private community. Bitspyder on the other hand has the BEST of the NET and also a mediocre group of individuals who bring stuff exclusive to the site.

NEVER EVER FORGET DEMONOID for E-Learning , although its not tagged ,its been a GEM of a site for me, some stuff there you would'nt find anywhere on the net.

In order of my ratings.

1) BitMe ( still need an account ) but I have a good friend there who searches and gets me files ;)

2) BitSpyder

3) -- Demonoid -- Learnbits -- Elbitz -- Bibliotik ( still have to review learnbits elbitz and bibliotik , but heard good stuff about them )

Other sites which are for E-Learning ( dont know about them as yet )

TheGeeks EbookVortex Ebooksshares.org Myanonamouse

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