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[WTB] Cinemageddon , Desi.cd

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I am looking for Cinemageddon account with mail and Desi.cd   invite or account with mail.

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Still looking for the CG and Desi.cd

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Have desi

Kindly contact back!

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Still looking for the CG and Desi.cd .

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    • By rock123
      Hello there guys...
      I'm interested in buying Desi.CD Invite Or Account...
      Can pay via Bitcoin(BTC)
      Please PM or Reply here if you want to sell one.. 🙂
    • By Yahoo
      want to buy Desi.CD invite / account

      anyone have pm me price
    • By mermaidinamanhole
      anyone know how to make those? or how to send them?
    • By mermaidinamanhole
      id like to buy an invite to cinemageddon, i had one previously but hadnt used it for a year and it got closed.
      im not sure how to buy it from someone though
    • By Sebi
      Tracker Name : Cinemageddon Tracker URL : http://cinemageddon.net/ Tracker Type : Movies Signup URL : Closed/ Invite only Logo: About: Cinemageddon (CG) is very niche movies tracker that focuses on mainly B-movies that you or your grandpa didn't bother to see in theater. CG was founded in 2007. I used to call CG as illiterate and evil brother of KaraGarga (KG). Apart of movies CG also has obscure porn, OSTs, ebooks, documentaries etc. CG only holds flop, critically (not)acclaimed movies. Their database is so rich that some movies aren't available in IMBD or on Google Search. Apart of English movies you can find foreign films as well. This is perfect place to explore abandoned world of abandoned movies. And, it's really good to see that they made their own space even with trackers of same ideology viz; KG, Secret Cinema, Cinematik, Gormogon etc. Speed, content and community is very active and friendly. Stats: Categories: Homepage: Browse (Top 10): Browse: Uploading Torrent: Request Section: Forum: Rules: Staff: Final Comment:
      CG is one of best niche trackers that really fulfills it's goal and they really succeed to create like-minded community with same ideology. Content, Speed and community is very hard to see anywhere and it's an Archive of world's abandon movies, It is highly recommended tracker who wants to see something weird and obscure.

      Speed: 9/10
      Content: 8/10 Community: 8.5/10 Ratio Type: Easy Recommended: Yes
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