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Cloud vs Physical storage?

Cloud vs Physical storage  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Which is the better storage solution

    • Cloud
    • Physical

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Just wanted to get some opinions on the best method of storing content obtained from trackers. 


I currently store them in the cloud using Plex as my media server, and considering moving it to physical storage using a NAS or something possibly with mirrored raid or raid5. Upfront cost but beneficial over the long term. 

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I just use external drives, although cloud-based solutions do have their uses as well (albeit I see those as very specific, like having a copy of your flight tickets or something). Wouldn't store torrented content online like that.

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you can actually mount a virtual drive like google drive on a Linux pc running plex

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It all depends on what you want to store. For example, e-learning stuff and important documents in bussiness you should store physically, the rest of the stuff you can put on cloud.

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always cloud is the best !

high security,no risk for ur file losing.

physical memory any time can crush

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If you can afford then Cloud all the way!

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      File synching OS support Admin features
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      Cloud storage is getting cheaper all the time and our internet connections are now speeding up to the point where cloud storage makes a lot of sense.

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