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Seedhost.eu Review

  • Started by Archiee
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I've been with Seedhost.eu for 2 months and it is, hands down, the best service I've used so far. I have the SH8 GB XL plan and it is more than enough for me, at least for now

-The setup is instant, the prices are good, and the speeds are amazing. 
-Support is very fast, I've always received a reply in no more than 5-20 minutes.
-You can always pay for more TB's if you run out before the renewal date.
-Download traffic is unlimited as well as the number of torrents you can have seeding/downloading.
-Unlimited Download/Upload plans available.
-I've seen download speeds of 90+MB/s Down and 70+MB/s up with my Seedbox.
-10Gbps Down/1Gbps Up plans. 10Gbps Down/10Gbps Up plans available 
-As far as FTP speeds, with the my home internet connection, I've been getting a solid 4.82MB/s.

-Upload traffic is metered.
-If you reach the limit, the upload speeds will be lowered until renewal or you order more TB's.

For my needs, this provider is amazing!

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I have been using Seedhost.eu for about a year, I have no complaints at all. but then again I have nothing to compare to.

I haven't quite found the right mix of automation yet, I have tried a couple of methods but always seem to have to manage and cleanup.

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