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Can help it, love the the unexplained. Is it really possible we are alone in this mind blowing infinity? I dont think so, I think we are entertainment for aliens.. We were put here for a science project and are being observed all the time.

Whats your thought?

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Guest painter

Academic Scientific consensus 20 years ago: life probably only on earth

Academic Scientific consensus now: universe is probably teeming with life

In fact we have all been in past lifetimes in billions of life forms including scientifically very advanced bipedal aliens and will which is no big deal and ultimately a waste of time.

There are many groups of different types of aliens here, few in unhealthy touch with big governments, with many stealthy bases in near space, moon, under ground & deep ocean not to mention close dimensions.

Like countries and peoples there are all sorts and many are in conflict but don't worry in the long run Earth is well protected.


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