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So What Is A Seedbox?

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A seedbox is a dedicated server at a high speed datacenter with a public IP address for the downloading and seeding of bittorrent files. Persons who have access to a seedbox can download these files to their personal computers at any time and from any place that has an internet connection.


A seedbox is the term for when users of the torrent community use a dedicated server or VPS to increase their upload on trackers. A seedbox normally has a very fast connection (anywhere between 10Mb/s to 1000Mb/s) and is accessed remotely by the user. They can be rented on a month by month or yearly basis. The fast speed allows for users to achieve high ratios on torrents very easily, thus increasing their upload to the tracker.

Seedboxes can range anywhere from $7 a month all the way up to however large your cheque book is. The cream of the crop servers are the latest technology processors with terabytes of hard drive space and a 1Gb/s (1000Mb/s) or even a 10Gb/s connection.


How To Set Up Your Own Home Seedbox (in Windows)

Got an old clunker of a computer that’s just collecting dust? Why not turn it into your own BitTorrent seedbox! In this tutorial we’ll explain how you can transform an old shitbox into a seedbox. For those of you who know nothing about Linux (*.Nix), then this is a great solution to optimize that second unused PC. You’ll require nothing more than an old computer, a router/hub (and cables), and software to connect it to your main system. After the whole thing is configured, you won’t even need a monitor/keyboard/mouse on the old system.


How To Set Up Your Own uTorrent Seedbox (Linux)


Common "Problems" With Seedboxes

1.FTP Speeds Are Slow: Try using an FTP client that supports more than one simultaneous connection such as cuteftp, flashget or iGetter (OSX). For those on OVH providers, this will not work so using an FTP proxy from the USA will be required.

2.My Upload Speeds Are Really Slow/I Can Not Seed After Downloading Something: This is usually because the torrent you are trying to seed has far more seeders than leechers. The leechers do not need your upload because they are already maxing out their connection from other peoples upload.

3.I Just Got Banned From My Favorite Site After Using A Seedbox?!?! This is because the torrent site has seen you uploading at an extraordinary rate, much faster than your ISP allows. Most torrent sites have an IRC channel, go there and explain to them what happened.

4.Where did my seedbox go? This is because you either have a provider which requires you to manually pay each month, or they went the way of the dodo. It is recommended to pick a seedbox host with at least 3 months+ of existence (although this isn't a guarantee, see outsystem.pl)

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Excellent tutorial to explain seedbox, how to use use Linux sysyem and thurning an old computer into active seedbox.

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