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can anyone answere this?????????

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  • Root Admin

There is system of bonus points in almost all the well known private trackers !!!!!!!!!!!

The bonus points are either exchanged for upload credits or invites!!!!!!!!!

But the most confusing is the custom title !!!!!

I just want to know ,what it is all about ?

And please let me know , what all titles will be awarded in exchange of bonus points!!!!!!!!

I'll be grateful to the one who answer's dis and surely reward with reputation++.

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Guest Baku

A all have written already. The main point of Custom Title is nothing more that something hanging over every post you make that shows your current views, affinity , mood (as does the Avatar)

It's nothing special. Its good lulz sometimes though.

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Custom Title Is Your Special Title Which Will Be Seen Right After Your Name Either In Brackets Or Not. Whenever You Comment Or Post AnyWhere On The Specific Site Which You're Using. & If Someone Views Your Profile He / She Will Also See That Title In Your Profile Too. :)

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