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whatbox.ca : storage / backup, extremely good experience;

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I want to give whatbox.ca some attention and credit for being rad.

(I used their cheap-and-big storage plan. $40/mnth for 2.7 TB. By far, best deal I could find for remote backup/storage.)

Speeds were always reliable. (I'm in North America and had one of their Canada servers.)

Set up: fast and simple.

Website: easy, simple, clear, good-looking. 

Wiki: Really well organized instructions on all the basic tasks. When I was getting going -- I'm not a bash/linux expert -- I'd check their wiki, and almost always, the question was already answered there.

Seeding: rTorrent pre-installed. It Just Worke.

Support: Best I've ever seen. No joke. Fast, knowledgable. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Support #2: They even *quickly* helped me transfer my data out to my new server. Thing is, I wasn't surprised. Based on the year I was their customer. I figured they wouldn't stop being helpful even when I'm ending my customer life-cycle.

If you're looking for cheap and big remote storage, I can't recommend them highly enough.

As for their seedbox plans, that wasn't what I was looking for. So maybe they don't spew bandwidth as cheap as others. Don't know.

Anyway, these guys are a class act. Easily in my top two hosting experiences.

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I had them for 2+ years.

I'd have to agree... Support time was always extremely quick, barely any downtime, they have extensive documentation for almost every installation you'd ever need.

The only reason I switched to seedhost was because at the time, whatbox didn't offer any discounts for 3-6-12 months, were seedhost did and came out being much cheaper.

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