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Europa Universalis 4 visits India in new Dharma expansion - Gaming News - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Europa Universalis 4 visits India in new Dharma expansion


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Announced on stage at PDXCON 2018, Europa Universalis 4 is en route to the Indian subcontinent with its latest expansion, Dharma.

Due later this year, Dharma places greater onus on peacetime negotiations. Players can expect new government customisation options, and a reworked policy system. Likewise, trade company investments let you upgrade and improve provinces tied to trade itself; whereas a new government design feature unlocks reforms that define how you govern kingdoms/republics. In turn, this earns players free policies. In turn, in turn, this boosts the power of certain estates.

The following 35 second announcement teaser doesn't show any of that, but it does have an elephant. I like elephants.

"As usual, Europa Universalis 4: Dharma will be accompanied by a free update for all Europa Universalis 4 players, including a major reworking of the game’s map of India, Tibet and Burma," says Paradox in a statement. Also, Dharma gives owners of The Cossacks expansion a new Cossack Government.

Europa Universalis 4: Dharma is due at some point later this year. It'll cost $19.99 when it arrives.

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