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Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal leaves hospital after nerve agent attack

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RUSSIAN ex-spy Sergei Skripal has been discharged from hospital more than two months after the Salisbury nerve agent attack.

The 66-year-old was exposed to deadly novichok at his home in March in a suspected botched assassination ordered by the Kremlin.

The Sun reports Lorna Wilkinson, director of nursing at the hospital, said: “We have been able to discharge Sergei Skripal.

“This is an important stage in his recovery, which will now take place away from the hospital.

“Treating him and the other two people poisoned by this nerve agent, while still providing outstanding care to the other patients who rely on our hospital, has been a huge and unprecedented challenge that I’m proud our staff at Salisbury Hospital have risen to.”

Sergei’s daughter Yulia, 33, was released from hospital last month and is under police protection after surviving the attempted hit.

Forensics teams found the military-grade chemical, developed in Soviet-era Russia in the 70s and 80s, had been smeared in gel form on the front door handle at their home in Salisbury, Wilts.

Skripal, a former Russian colonel who sold secrets to the West, and his daughter were found slumped unconscious on a bench in the town after visiting a pub and a restaurant.

Det Sgt Nick Bailey, who was among the first on the scene after the March 4 attack, also received lifesaving treatment for exposure but was released following a miracle recovery.

Swathes of the city were locked down as the army, police and British intelligence experts scoured for clues which eventually put the blame on Moscow.

Dozens of Western countries joined Britain in expelling more than 100 Russian diplomats in response to what the Government branded a “brazen” act of aggression.

But Russia has continued to deny involvement in the first chemical attack in Europe since World War II — and has even suggested the UK is to blame for the attempted murder.

This week ambassador Alexander Yakovenko was compared to “Comical Ali”, the notorious spokesman for Saddam Hussein, after he claimed the UK attacked the Skripals to prove Russia was a rogue state.

He told MPs the Government had to carry out “something extraordinary” to show Brits that Theresa May was right to brand Russia “public enemy number one”.

Pressed if he really believed UK security services attempted to kill Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, he told Labour’s Chris Bryant: “Yes.”

He said: “There is a public opinion, a general opinion that Russia is enemy number one. It was in your national security strategy.

“The British side was trying to influence the western world against Russia.”

He added: “The people don’t buy this kind of policy. In order to get their support something extraordinary needed to be done in order to make people believe that this is the Russians who did this. That’s exactly what happened.”

Tory MP Bob Seeley said Mr Yakovenko’s defence of Russian atrocities were comparable to the Hussein mouthpiece.

And Tory backbencher Richard Benyon told the ambassador: “If we said it was daytime you would argue it’s night-time.”

MI5 boss had Andrew Parker earlier accused Russia of becoming a “pariah” state over its actions in Syria and the Salisbury attack.

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