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Deadpool fan dressed in Marvel costume mistaken for ISIS fanatic

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A DEADPOOL superfan has been pictured being taken down by terror cops after his superhero costume saw him mistaken for an ISIS fanatic.

Comic book lover Alessandro Botta and his pal Christian had both dressed up as the masked protector to head to the premiere of new film Deadpool 2 on Monday.

But while Alessandro had worn his costume underneath his normal clothes, his friend turned up in full costume, according to local news site Tio.

And cops in Lugano, Switzerland, apparently mistook the get-up for that of a terror attacker.

It is illegal in Switzerland for people to cover their faces in public.

And Christian also had two replica handguns as props – carried by the character in the films – which didn’t help.

Alessandro and his pal Christian were surrounded by armed cops with weapons drawn as they walked down the street.

Pictures show the pair face down on the pavement as officers pile on top of them and put them in cuffs.

Police soon realised their mistake and saw the funny side.

Botta said: “After the initial tension the police also realised what we were doing.

“The agents had a good laugh.”

They released the pair, who made it to the film on time.

But Christian still had to pay a fine for wearing the face covering in public.

Cops defended their actions, saying they were responding to reports of a masked man with two guns in the centre of the city.

A police spokesperson is quoted as saying: “The procedure was part of operational tactics.

“They [police] have to intervene as quickly as possible when they receive this type of information.”

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