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Leaked Google video reveals tech giant’s TERRIFYING concept app

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GOOGLE'S creepy secret mission to control your life by spying on your gadgets has been revealed in a leaked video.

The short film, shared internally with its workers, envisions an era of complete data collection where the tech giant manipulates the populace's behaviour.

Its core concept involves the creation of a digital identity for every man, woman and child using info snatched from smartphones, tablets, and the web – all of which Google already has its fingers in.

This so-called data "ledger" would then be scanned to determine user “actions, decisions, preferences, movements, and relationships.”

And you thought Black Mirror was scary.

Google is pushing a more benevolent side to these invasive tracking methods that sees this ledger help you meet pre-defined goals, like staying healthy or reducing your environmental footprint.

But it also admitted to The Verge that the concept video is designed to be "disturbing".

"This is a thought-experiment by the Design team from years ago that uses a technique known as ‘speculative design’ to explore uncomfortable ideas and concepts in order to provoke discussion and debate," claimed the company.

"It’s not related to any current or future products."

Yet the reality is that Google is already snooping on your data in real-life, with your permission of course (which you grant it every time you use one of its services).

Although regulators (in Europe and Australia) aren't so sure how aware people are of how much info they're handing over.

The company harvests personal data from Android smartphones, uses location-tracking on its GPS-enabled Maps app, and taps into billions of queries from its search engine.

All this info is then used to serve you targeted ads that follow you around the web and to make its AI-powered products (think Pixel 2 smartphones and Google Home smart speakers) even more intelligent.

It's also set Google's parent Alphabet on course to become a trillion-dollar company.

The internal video from 2016 creates a mockup of an app that carries out Google's sinister plan.

Dubbed "Recommendations from Google", the smartphone software would let you set goals like “eat more healthy,” “protect the environment,” and “support local business.”

That sounds harmless enough, but the app gets truly terrifying when it sticks its tentacles into every service you use on your phone.

After granting it access to your data, it could (for example) recommend that you select the cheaper Uber Pool ride-sharing option to save money.

Or when supermarket shopping, it could nudge you toward locally-sourced products.

It gets worse: The app would also ask you to input your weight and health data, and if you don't have that info to hand it will recommend bathroom scales you can buy.

And if you still don't budge, it will sync with 3D printers to create a custom-built product that could measure you up when you get home.

Further still, it would do this for the entire human population, plugging holes in the data by comparing ledgers old and new to build better guides for your future goals.

Ultimately, the tool would have enough info “to make increasingly accurate predictions about decisions and future behaviours.”

Google insists that it has no intention of building this terrifying system.

Nonetheless, the unsettling concept sheds light on the musings of the world's biggest data collector.

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