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‘My wife’s going crazy’: golf star Lucas Glover’s wild 911 call

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THE wife of golfer Lucas Glover, arrested after an alleged altercation with the former US Open champion and his mother, told an emergency operator she was attacked by her mother-in-law.

Audio was released of a 911 call made by Krista Glover on Saturday, in which she told the dispatcher from the St. John’s Sheriff’s Office in Florida: “I’ve been attacked by my mother-in-law. She’s in tears and locked herself in a room. She attacked us.”

After the call was cut off the dispatcher called back and was told by Lucas Glover that his wife was lying.

“My mother is the one bleeding and my wife is going crazy,” Lucas Glover said. He initially declined the dispatcher’s request to speak again with his wife. “No you cannot,” he said.

“She’s in the house with my daughter. When the deputies get here, they need to talk to the male, that would be me, because these other two are out of their heads at the moment.”

He did eventually put his wife back on the line, but first told the dispatcher, “She’s going to lie to you. That’s why I answered her phone. She’s telling lies and none of it is the truth.”

The operator spoke again with Krista Glover before deputies arrived at the family’s rented home in Ponte Vedra Beach, where Krista Glover was arrested and charged with domestic battery and resisting arrest and booked into jail before being released on $2,500 bail.

According to the incident report from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, officers were told Krista Glover had been drinking and berated her husband for missing the secondary cut at the Players Championship.

Glover and his 62-year-old mother -- who said she tried to intervene when the couple argued in front of their two children -- had lacerations on their arms, police said in the report.

Lucas Glover, 38, took to Twitter on Tuesday to try and clear the air. He said he didn’t want his wife arrested.

“Everyone is fine,” Glover wrote. “Regrettably, although Krista was charged, we are comfortable that the judicial system is able to address what actually happened and Krista will be cleared in this private matter.” Krista Glover, 36, is due back in court on May 31.

Glover, ranked 104th in the world, has won three US PGA Tour titles, including the 2009 US Open at Bethpage Black.

Glover and his wife were married in 2011 and have a five-year-old daughter and two-year-old son.

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