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Australian mum Penina Peterson reckons she can prepare healthy meals for $1 a serve - General Hangout & Discussions - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Australian mum Penina Peterson reckons she can prepare healthy meals for $1 a serve

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A VICTORIAN mother says she has unlocked the secret to eating healthily at just $1 a serve.

Penina Peterson, from Frankston, swears a gold coin a meal is all she needs for such household favourites as country chicken pie, meatlovers pizza and chilli con carne.

The key, she says, is bulk-buying and preparing but in a way that conserves valuable freezer space.

Mrs Peterson doesn’t freeze entire bulky meals, only the most time-demanding elements and then assembles the rest at night.

“If you don’t organise, you’re going to go to the supermarket and do what most Australians do - and that is randomly throw items in the trolley,” she told Today Tonight.

“If you follow the rules, you can get the meals down to $1 a serve for a family of four.

“This is a little homegrown system that has got much bigger than me.”

Mrs Peterson has started a Dollar Dinners website to help outline her techniques and get others on the bandwagon.

With the average shopper spending $149 on groceries each week, it’s bound to hit the spot with fans of thrifty dining.

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