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How to get posters for uploaded movies

Guest javardolas

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Guest javardolas

The biggest problem I had was searching for posters. The direct imdb link doesn't work because it uses a anti-leech script that keeps pictures from being displayed. So when you have to upload torrents you end up having to search for good quality posters of the right size to prevent them from looking squished in the imdb view.

So to make like a little more easier for the uploaders here's a little trick that you can use to get the posters from imdb. Ofc it involves some work but is easier that searching for hard to find posters. If there's a easier way let me know in the comments. Just click the thanks button to show gratitude and reduce spam

For this to work you need firefox. It's a little different with IE.

Once you have the imdb link for the movie (which you have to get to update the imdb details when uploading the torrent) on the left top corner you will see a poster. Click on it and you'll see a larger sized poster like this:

Now click on Tools> Page Info in Firefox and in the window that pops up click on Media.

The link to this image is in the list that you see. To find out which one exactly you have to click on each one till the right one is shown in the preview. If you would like to put your brains to work then it can be a little easier for your hand. Here's how:

If you look closely at the above pic you'll notice a few things like:

1. The picture would be of the type Image, duh! There's a Type column in the list. Look for it

2. The link would be a longish ones with a "@@._V1_." in it

3. The two number at the end are the horizontal and vertical sizes of the image. So look for ones that are over 200 and end with .jpg

4. Click on it to confirm and it should show you a large image in the preview

Now you can either click on Save As and save the picutre to your hard drive and then upload it to a imagehost like tinypic or imageshack.


You could bypass that saving to the hard drive step, here's how:

Just right click on the link and click Copy. Now when uploading to the imagehost click browse but where you enter the location of the image just enter the copied imdb link and click ok. It should upload the image.

Remember using the imdb link directly doesn't work. Even if you see it on Wunza. That is because the image will be visible to whomever that has visited the particular imdb page. The other users on Wunza will not be able to see it. So you have to upload these images to a imagehost like tinypic or imageshack.

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