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How To Make Your Own DVD

Guest javardolas

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Guest javardolas

You'll need the following software:

CCE SP 2.70

VirtualDub 1.6.**


DVD-lab Pro

Step 1: Extract Video & Audio

Ok the first thing is just extract video and audio each by separate.

1.- Open you VirtualDub.

2.- Drag and Drop you AVI (XivD) to VirtualDub.

3.- Click on Audio -> Source Audio

4.- Click File -> Save WAV

5.- Select now No Audio, Click Audio -> No Audio

6.- Select now Direct Stream Copy, Click Video -> Direct Stream Copy

7.- Click on File -> Save as AVI (Set another name to this file).

Step 2: Encondig the no audio AVI File.

1.- Open CCE SP.

2.- Drag and Drop you no audio AVI to CCE SP.

3.- I prefer select VBR, because is most accuracy, 3 pass, Resize, 16:9, Pulldown 2:3

4.- My DVD are made 5 eps by disk, so my File size is 857.500 kb, around 818 MiB, i do not lost any quality and this setup, Video File Information File click on Create New VBR, Deselect Audio File (because we are no working with audio), Click on Advanced and Select Close all GOP's (Close all GOP's fixed the problem making chapters with DVD-lap Pro), Remember you can save this setup as a Template.

Note: Remember that you can play with the filesize making it 4 eps by disk.

5.- Now we are ready to encoding, so Click Ok

6.- Encode, This could take a while.

Step 3: Making you Audio AC3.

1.- Open you BeSweetGUI

2.- Drag & Drop all you file WAV's to BeSweetGUI

3.- Click on Next, and select AC3, Click, Select Stereo, Click Next, Select None, and 160kbps

4.- Click on GO, Wait some...

Step 4: Working on DVD-lab PRO

1.- Once you open DVD-lab, Create a New Project Advanced (VMG, VTS Menu + Movie)

2.- Now Click on Movie, and add the number of movie that you want to make in on DVD (alt +m).

3.- In the Assets windows import all your files (both, sound converted to AC3 and video encoded with CCE).

4.- Drag and Drop the exact Audio & Video to each project movie that you just create.

5.- Make it Auto Chapters, or Import Chapter that you have in a text file.

6.- When making auto chapters, you can select on making chapters by each #mins, or just add ## chapters to the video.

Step 5: Making a Menu.

1.- Still we are in DVD-lab pro.

2.- Click on Conections, and add Play list, once you have create it click on it, and add the sequence that you like.

3.- THe VMG Menu 1, is the first Menu that will apper on DVD first run, so We add the background that we like, and add some Buttons to link or Text (see my pics).

4.- In this example, i made a link to play all in one, and another linked to VTS Menu 1 (list of eps).

5.- Add Eps Number and Names, Not forget to add a Back Button, and Link each Eps to Chapter 1 (Movie Start).

6.- Now You are ready to Compile the DVD.

7.- For those users no english, you can add subtitles, DVD-lab PRO supports srt,sub,ssa and some others.

8.- Click Project -> Compile DVD. Select a folder.

9.- DVD-lab PRO will authoring the DVD. After it you can Burn it With Nero Burning ROM, Select DVD-Video on Nero, Drag & Drop the two Folders VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS.

10.- Enjoy.

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