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Guest javardolas


For the fact, that i have noticed that there are more and more people,

who have problems with organising the torrent files in their clients,

i have decided to make this little guide.

.:How to keep your Torrent files organised in your Client!?:.


- go into the configuration

- click on Advanced

- click on User Interface

- there you find a field where you can put in your own Group names seperated by "|"



Posted Image

for more groups: just seperate them with |


- click in the main toolbar on "New Group"

Posted Image

- add the new Group

Posted Image

- or do a right mouse click on Custom Groups and add the new group

Posted Image

- add as much groups as you want/need


- now when you open a torrent file for download

you can choose the group in which this torrent should be added

- torrents that are added allready to your client:

just do a right mouse click on the torrent and select the group

This way you can organise your torrents from different trackers.

An advantage of this:

If you have Ratio problems and think that the tracker didnt count your upload right, then you can just select the group from this tracker and make a screenshot from your client with only the torrents shown which belong to the tracker. Then you can easily show the site staff this screenshot.

I have checked Deluge, Transmission and Azureus a.k.a. Vuze for a similar feature but i didnt find it.

Feel free to add additional infos for other bittorrent clients.

2008 guide created by iNFormaToni@ExB

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