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Tiger Woods challenges long drive champ to long drive contest, promptly smokes one and reacts accordingly

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While he's still just eight events into this latest comeback, Tiger Woods has looked good in just about every facet of his game. His iron play has been solid, his short game has been excellent and he's even flashed signs of his old self with the putter. If there's been one thing holding him back though, it's the driver.

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But last week at the Players Championship he took a major step in the right direction on Sunday, smoking the big stick with a high, left to right ball flight that could serve him well the rest of the season. This weekend in Las Vegas Woods is hosting his 20th annual Tiger Jam, and during the tournament on Saturday afternoon at Shadow Creek Golf Course he put the SMOKEWAGON to the test once again, challenging World Long Drive competitor Troy Mullins to a long drive contest. Let's see how he fared:

"That is pummeled." Always a showman. Save some for Shinnecock, Tiger!

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