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Sumeet Vyas: “Stoner Comedies Are Situationally Funny”


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Actor Sumeet Vyas, who essays a character of a DJ in High Jack, says stoner comedies are situationally funny and can appeal to all age groups.

Asked about his take on stoner comedies, Sumeet said: “I have been a huge fan of ‘The Big Lebowski’. I don’t think I need any substance to be absent minded, so I totally relate to those characters.”

Stoner comedies are situationally funny: Sumeet Vyas Sumeet Vyas: “Stoner Comedies Are Situationally Funny”

“The funny part about stoner comedies is that they are situationally funny. And if done aesthetically, can appeal to all age groups, because I think we’ve all been there done that once,” he added.

The story is about Sumeet’s character DJ Rockesh, who accidentally consumes a few illegal substances in a state of panic and after getting high, manages to get everybody else on the plane high as well.

The film, described as a trippy stoner comedy, stars Sumeet Vyas and Sonnalli Seygall in pivotal roles. It marks the directorial debut of Akarsh Khurana in Bollywood.

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