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Box Office Collections: Deadpool 2 Is Another Winner From Hollywood


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As expected, Deadpool 2 took a good opening at the Box Office. A double digit Friday was always on the cards and that actually turned out to be the case as well, what with 11.25 crore coming in.

Box Office - Deadpool 2 is another winner from Hollywood Box Office Collections: Deadpool 2 Is Another Winner From Hollywood

The film was released on 2000 screens, a similar count as that of Avengers – Infinity War. Though that film had managed to cross the 30 crore mark on its opening day, it was a different ball game altogether and something that had happened before only with Bahubali – The Conclusion. One can’t expect the story to repeat every time but then the manner in which Deadpool 2 has opened is huge as well since not many Bollywood films manage such feat unless supported by top stars.

Moreover, Deadpool 2 is not the kind of established franchise either that can be expected to entice footfalls from the first day itself. In fact the first in the series had just managed to go past the 4 crore mark and with the sequel managing much bigger numbers, it can now be said with certainty that the next in line would be much huger and better.

As for Deadpool 2, after this solid start a Hit tag is pretty much in the offering and now it has to be seen where does it land after the opening weekend is through. Since except for Raazi there is no real competition from any quarters, rest assured a huge moolah is on the cards.

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