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The Biggest Royal Wedding Fails

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1. Prince Harry Trying and Failing to Lift Meghan's Veil

Honestly, bless Harry's sweet little heart on this one. He tried so hard! And he failed so hard! The result? A moment even more beautiful than Meghan Markle's dress.

2. Prince Charles Falling Asleep

Look, guys, I don't want to hear it. The man has had an extremely hard week what with having to walk Meghan Markle down the aisle with literally zero notice. It's, frankly, EXHAUSTING.

3. This Horse Who, Frankly, Could Not Even

Much like Left Shark before him, Left Horse got a little too turnt during the carriage procession and was like "Nope, nope, nope, nope, BYEEEEeeeEEEeeeEEEE" before veering off into the crowd and presumably almost mowing down a large group of innocent people.

4. Meghan Forgeting to Curtsy to the Queen

Apparently, Meghan was so excited about her wedding that she walked by her majesty The Queen without curtsying. And yes, Twitter noticed.

Here's a video in case you need proof:

5. Pippa Cosplaying as an Arizona Iced Tea Can

Canned beverages. So hot right now!

6. Meghan's Dad Being Included on the Wedding Program

Whoops! Apparently the Order of Service was printed before Thomas Markle Sr. peaced out on the wedding, and Kensington Palace had to issue a statement: "The Order of Service was produced before it became clear that Mr. Thomas Markle would be unable to attend the wedding on medical advice. As a result, some aspects will be different to what has been printed. As previously announced, Ms. Markle has asked The Prince of Wales to accompany her down the aisle of The Quire."

Please note: This list will be updated should anything else go wrong.

© Getty Images The Biggest Royal Wedding Fails

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