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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Is Doing Something Completely New With Zombies


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During the community reveal event for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which focused on the multiplayer modes both regarding the cooperative and competitive features, Treyarch revealed that there will be multiple zombie experiences in Black Ops 4, and the team is doing something completely new by taking players to multiple real-life historical locations such as the Titanic and the Colosseum in ancient Rome. Check out the Voyage of Despair trailer below.

In the reveal trailer for the Black Ops 4 Zombies -- Voyage of Despair trailer, which was published on the Call of Duty YouTube channel, it was revealed that the new cast of characters will be taking on zombies in one of the most unlikely of places... the Titanic.

We're introduced to four new heroes, with the first being a suave, smooth talker, Diego, who manages to lift a key off an unsuspecting beauty, while the second character is an older gentleman, Shaw, who seems to rely more on brains than brawn. The third character is a large, muscular fellow named Bruno who uses his fisticuffs to get into and out of tight binds.

After making their way into a secured location, they put a capsule with blue liquid in the pneumatic messaging tube and send it down to another guarded location with a safe, where the fourth member is introduced, Scarlett, a safe-cracker with her own stash of gadgets.

We learn that the four heroes aren't thieves but are relic hunters looking to stop the forces of evil from bringing doom to humanity. However, after retrieving the artifact, the main villain for this particular Black Ops 4 mode manages to snatch the pendant from the heroine along with the ancient relic and uses them to unleash a supernatural force that spreads throughout the Titanic, infecting the staff and the passengers, and forcing the four heroes to battle their way out of the underbelly of the boat and make their way to the upper decks.

The trailer rounds out with the four heroes on the top deck, shooting, stabbing, punching, and using alchemy to battle against the undead hordes as the boat inevitably veers right into an iceberg as the clip ends.

But Treyarch isn't content with just setting the Zombies mode on the Titanic in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, there's also some time-traveling maps as well, which we see taking place that involves the four heroes eventually being transported back to ancient Rome.

After the four arrive in the Colosseum, they begin to fight the zombie hordes that are unleashed by the priest. However, the trailer reveals that the quartet of carnage-makers will have to settle for using weapons from that time period, including maces, axes, swords and clubs.

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