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Xbox Officially Reveals Adaptive Controller


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Microsoft has decided to take video game accessibility very seriously. While some of the quality of life changes on the frontend of the user services may have been modified to accommodate those with disabilities, the company hasn't been quite as forthcoming with changes on the hardware side of things... until now.

Over on the Xbox Wire, there's news revealing the all new Xbox Adaptive Controller. This is an accessibility controller designed from the ground up for those with motorskill disabilities.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller was originally discussed as far back as the DICE Summit in February of this year, but now it's set to arrive for Xbox One and Windows 10 gamers around the world.

The controller is uniquely designed to work with a number of different peripherals, each one designed for different types of disabilities. For instance, there are paddles that you can use that will carry out specific functions for gamers who suffer physical impairments when it comes to their arms or hands. There are giant buttons for those with cerebral palsy, as well as large joysticks to replace the functionality of the analog sticks.

According to the post, Microsoft worked with a number of different disabled gamers and institutions in order to design a suite of plug-'n-play accessories to work with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

So, you might be wondering what all the buttons and switches and gadgets and gizmos do? Well, there's actually a brief, one minute trailer that visually showcases exactly how the pad works and how the other devices connect to it.

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