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Okami For The Nintendo Switch Has A Release Date


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The above announcement comes from the official Okami Twitter feed. It's short and to the point, letting everyone know that the game will arrive on the Switch come Aug. 9. There's a note that eShop pre-orders are officially live, but a later tweet clarifies that pre-orders will actually be active closer to the game's launch.

The announcement also features a gif showing off this version of the game's touch controls. Okami's unique art style is meant to imitate Japanese paintings. As such, the player is in control of special abilities granted by the Celestial Brush. With these abilities, you can stop time and paint things into existence. You learn new brush abilities throughout the game, making it possible to revitalize landscapes, create new paths and even do damage to your enemies.

These touch controls seem to be the only new feature added to the Switch iteration of Okami, but they fit the platform perfectly. The game originally launched for the PlayStation 2 and was eventually ported to consoles in the next two generations as Okami HD. The thing about the PS2 and most of those other consoles is that they don't offer touch controls. So when you wanted to use the Celestial Brush, you had to simply rely on an analog stick.

That method actually works well enough, but being able to use new touch and motion controls seems even more intuitive. If you're playing in handheld mode, you simply draw the ability you want to activate onto the screen. If you're playing on the TV, you can actually use one of your Joy-Con controllers as a brush, painting the ability into the air.

In a way, this makes the Switch feel like the absolute best console for a game that launched over a decade ago. Well, dang. Now I feel old.

Anyway, anyone looking to experience Okami for the first time or simply dive back into its magical world for another run, Aug. 9 isn't all that far off. As such, we wouldn't be surprised to see the game make an appearance at E3 this year, as we imagine both Capcom and Nintendo are eager to show it off.

If you're looking for a big, beautiful adventure game with some light RPG elements and satisfying gameplay, Okami on the Switch will be worth a look. If you're looking for a good comparison to help nudge your interest on way or the other, it's been referred to countless times over the years as a clear homage to classic Zelda games and, yes, it's actually that good.

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