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Charles Barkley pokes the bear with question about 'annoying' Draymond Green

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Just three weeks after the Charles Barkley-Draymond Green saga during which the Hall of Famer said he wanted to punch the Golden State Warriors star in the face, Barkley poked the bear.

During TNT's postgame coverage following the Warriors' Game 3 rout of the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference finals on Sunday night, Green's teammate, Kevin Durant, joined Barkley and the rest of the Inside the NBA crew on the air. 

A few minutes into the segment, Barkley couldn't help but attempt to reignite the feud. 

"Is Draymond Green as annoying in person as he is on television?" Barkley asked Durant from the show's set at Oracle Arena. 

"You should go talk to him," Durant quipped. "He's downstairs."

One of Barkley's co-hosts, Kenny Smith, added with a laugh: "You talk like it's 1988, brother. It's not, man. You ain't the same Charles Barkley, man. Nobody's scared of you like that anymore."

Green responded to Barkley after his initial comments, calling him "old" and telling him to "shut up," and Barkley apologized on the air the next night.

Durant's response following the apology?

"He said what he said. He felt that way," Durant told reporters at the time. "Barkley ain't punching nobody. ... I don't think he would have did that back in the day either. I don't know why he's so angry all the time at the new generation of basketball."

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