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Jordan throws shade at Ryan over new contract

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He's nothing if not outspoken. 

Cam Jordan is arguably the most underrated pass rusher in the NFL, and he's passionate when it comes to his division rivals. Jordan has been especially critical of the Falcons in the past.

He was happy that Matt Ryan recently got paid, but couldn't resist the urge to throw a little shade Ryan's way when asked about the new deal. 

Jordan was congratulatory of Ryan on the new deal, and said that he loved that he got his money. 

He also said that it secured his job for another few years, because he loves taking Ryan down. Gotta love it. 

This is a funny comment by Jordan, filled with cockiness. 

Obviously, he's the best pass rusher in the division, and he's always given backhanded compliments to rival quarterbacks. Saying that this secures his job for a few more years is a joke, as Ryan is obviously very good at what he does. 

So is Jordan. It'll be delightful to watch the two battle it out over the next few seasons. 

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