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Ukrainian siloviki received an order to "tighten a loop" around Donetsk - General Hangout & Discussions - InviteHawk - Your Only Source for Free Torrent Invites

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Ukrainian siloviki received an order to "tighten a loop" around Donetsk

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The political scientist has told, with what the plan ВСУ "to tighten a loop" is connected round Donetsk

Ukrainian siloviki announced plans to "tighten the loop" around Donetsk. Political scientist Alexander Asafov on Sputnik radio explained what, in his opinion, is due to the current aggravation in the Donbass.

The goal of the Ukrainian siloviki's offensive against Gorlovka is a "tightening of the loop" around Donetsk, a source at the headquarters of the United Forces Operation (OOS) told the publication "Strana.ua".

"Gorlovka is surrounded by advantageous heights, including in the village of Yuzhny.The one who owns the positions at these heights, in fact, owns the city." With them, the entire city can be easily shot, "the officer said.

According to him, if the siloviki take control of the height, the army of the self-proclaimed Democratic People's Republic of Ukraine will surrender Gorlovka without a fight, since "there is no point in dying there."

"Correspondingly, Gorlovka is a strategic springboard for an attack on Debaltsevo and Yenakiyevo, so the loop around Donetsk is tightened, especially the APU does not formally violate the Minsk agreements - the heights around Gorlovka refer to the so-called" gray zone. "And we have every right to take "gray zone", such an offensive movement does not count as an offensive, "the officer added.

Political scientist Alexander Asafov on the radio Sputnik commented on this tactic.

"This is the standard tactic of the APU - the capture of the so-called gray zone in order to bring artillery and more efficiently to fire peaceful areas of Donetsk." The situation has seriously worsened - they say it is close to the events of 2015, "he said.

The political scientist explained with what factors the present aggravation can be connected.

"This is due to the news about the opening of the Crimean bridge, and the World Championship (President of Ukraine Petro) Poroshenko seeks to enter the status of war against Russia, and therefore the ATU is stopped, and now it is the EP, which must proceed to combat operations against the" aggressor country " They can explain the situation in Ukraine, its economic and social crisis only by war, Poroshenko, of course, will not admit the real reason - corruption corroding the country, although he himself has seriously corrected his welfare over the years. but realize that they can not withstand a full war for several hours, so the task is to aggravate the situation as much as possible, to appeal to the world community, to blame Russia, and by washing or by rolling, to force the world community to introduce armed forces in order to clear out the DPR and LC - bring there "peace" in the Ukrainian sense, "- said Alexander Asafov.

Earlier, in the operational command of the DNR, they announced a new attack by the siloviki on the position of the self-proclaimed republic in the Gorlovka region. As the representative of the command of the Democratic People's Republic Eduard Bazurin stated, the attackers lost about ten people killed, the tank and infantry fighting vehicles were destroyed. The military forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Germany fully control the situation on the line of contact, he added.

The situation on the contact line worsened over the past weekend, when the APU several times shelled Gorlovka, located 40 kilometers north of Donetsk. As reported by Bazurin, Ukrainian security forces used ammunition shrapnel prohibited by international agreements.

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