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Cheatsheet for Redacted Interview

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1 hour ago, HiroJun said:

Know all of this and you are good to go!

VBR virable eficient                Rip CD "Exact Audio Copy"
ABR avarage not gd
Lame VBR presets V0(popular) > V9
high q trumps
MINIMUM V2 ~180 

(PCM)WAV , aiff
compressed lostless
APE monkey

mp3 Popular for lossy
aac cant covert since is lossy
ac3 dts

transcode good = unconpressed/loseless
bad = convert to lossy more then once
one format to another
Transparency describe the audible quality of a lossy
lossy transparent if the cant tell the diff

analog tape record 
web=/= webrip
mp3  192kbps (CBR))
aac Itunes exclusive 
AC3 Dts =DVD SINCE cant convert (lossy)

Digital allow if SPECTRAL ANALAYSIS to check for lossy
CHECK Extend Frequency cut off 22hz
audacity,SoX adobe audition
chk bit rate  Audio Identifier 

Sorry but this things don't come to interview.. Things are harder than this much harder..

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