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Imagine postie delivering blood by drone

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Imagine a drone flying overhead delivering crucial blood to the scene of an accident or a hospital?

It's happening now in Switzerland and it could soon be a thing in Australia.

Australia Post chief executive Christine Holgate has revealed to a Senate committee she has been discussing the use of drone technology with her international counterparts, including Swiss Post.

Lots of countries don't allow for the use of drones, she said.

"However in some countries, including Switzerland, they are using drones to be able to carry blood to points of accidents and Swiss Post are doing that," she told the hearing on Wednesday.

Ms Holgate said she would be meeting with its boss in a few weeks to see how Australia Post can also offer accident and emergency services down the track.

"I am a great believer in automation," she said, spruiking its benefits for efficiency, faster deliveries and better tracking.

"But it shouldn't be at the cost of jobs, though."

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