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Softmod a xbox 360

Guest hazazu

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Guest hazazu

alright guys. hope you like it.

Materials you need:

Splinter Cell - The exploitable game.

A Computer - Wal-Mart, Best Buy, The Good Guys, almost any place you can get a computer.

An Action Replay - Note: You can use the ARMAX, but I have had a bad experience with it.

Ldots iTools SC 1.7(1.75, 1.8) - Note: DO NOT USE THE AUTO XBINS TOOL BY TEAM XECUTER, AS IT IS A SECURITY RISK TO YOUR COMPUTER. Get these through xbins. A fairly good tutorial is written in the General Discussion and stickied.

An XBOX - Well DUR!

The Official Action Replay Software - It should come with your Action Replay, as you'll need it to transfer the saves.

A XBOX Card to USB (Male) Converter - It should come with your Action Replay, as you'll need it to transfer the saves.

Softmodding the XBOX

For my tutorial, we use Splinter Cell. It can be Platinum.

If you have any older Splinter Cell saves, either back them up or delete them. Linux can be the only Splinter Cell save on your XBOX for the exploit to work.

So assuming you've got everything, what you would do, is open up your ltools_v1.7.5_SC_NTSC.rar and you will see 2 zip archives. Extract them both to a folder you can access easily.

Plug in your USB to XBOX Memory to your computer with the Action Replay memory card in.

You will now need to open up the Action Replay Software.

Go to the folder with part1.zip and part2.zip. Highlight both of them, and drag them over to the middle column of the AR software. The column should be: PC Database.

Once copied, you will see a folder at the top, "Linux Installer". Drag that over to your memory card column, and it should take a bit to copy.

When the "Linux Installer" is done copying, scroll down to Splinter Cell and drag the "Linux" save over to your memory card.

Once that is done copying, remove the card from your adapter/converter and plug it in to your XBOX controller.

Power up your XBOX and go to memory. You should see a new option to open your Memory Card. Open it.

Once opened, go to the "Linux Installer", MAKE SURE YOU CLICK RIGHT and then copy it to your XBOX.

Once the "Linux Installer" is finished, go to the Splinter Cell save "Linux". MAKE SURE YOU CLICK RIGHT and then copy it to your XBOX.

Now everything is loaded onto your XBOX. All you need to do is load Splinter Cell, PLATINUM or regular.

Once Splinter Cell loads up, go to Load, and then you will see "Linux". Load that profile, and then click start.

A screen should pop up showing a Matrix Style background, and then you should see a screen that says "Ldots iTools (version)".

Click B, and first select Backup. This will restore your XBOX just in case anything goes wrong.

Once the Backup is done, go back to the menu and go to UDE Install. Choose which UDE to install by which Kernel you have, UDE1 should be used on kernels prior to 5713 and UDE2 should be used on kernels 5713 and higher. (The UDE2 only works on USA/Canadadian xboxes).

Next it will ask you to pick a bios loader/patcher, use PBL-Metoo. It is by far the best.

After that it will tell you to choose which bios to install, use Evox M8 for version 1.6+ xboxes and X2 4981 for version 1.0 thru 1.5 xboxes.

Finally, choose EvolutionX or MXM for the dashboard. EvolutionX is the best choice but if you really want Media X Menu, go ahead. Wait for it to finish installing, when it tells you to turn off your xbox, you can then turn it off. If your screen goes black or green, it is normal, just wait for the xbox's lights to blink on and off, that signals that it is complete.

You now have a Softmodded XBOX.

If you are using a different game, the same thing applies. Such as MechAssault or Agent Under Fire.

If you liked this guide please rep :rolleyes:

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