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What are the most often windows problems you encounter ?

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Guest Sintax

Hello teenagedream, my best guess is that your using a pirated Windows and microsoft figured that out through the updates feature; when you're Windows installs the update it also installs a update that can see if your version of Windows is original (have you tried other versions of Windows), microsoft it's very well known for doing things like this when they figure out that you're using a non original version (let me guess again: after you update and restart your computer you're left with a black screen).This sort of things happen on all Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 that are pirated but I haven't heard about this kind of thing for some time now.You can try to install a dual boot like XP/Vista/Windows 7 (you didn't mention what Windows are you using) and Ubuntu; and use Ubuntu (BTW it's very user friendly) for browsing and your non updated Windows for games and apps (you can run Windows apps in Ubuntu through Wine -it's a linux program- but that's a little complicated and you have to read a lot about Wine, also like I mentioned before install a different Windows (if you're using XP search on the net for Student edition of the XP but make sure it's a clean version, no modifications at all), there are a lot of Windows version out there that have "backdoors" installed.Anyway hope this helps a little bit with your problem.Best of luck! PS: if you're going to do a dual boot make sure you have hard drive space (search the net about installing Ubuntu) and you need to install Windows first and then Ubuntu -that's because Ubuntu let's you choose which OS to boot from, Windows does not.

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