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Is TL is enough for HD content?

Guest AntiLopa

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Guest AntiLopa


Recently I decided to watch only HD(720p) content. TL have good releases, but I have only TD to compare them with.

Speed is very good (always at max), regards release time - I dont have much to compare with. About the verity - its OK, but sometimes I miss a certain group release.

The question is there a different tracker the worth moving to?


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Guest Ethan

U can find CHDBits releases on TL , But not every release is on TL . .I suppose only 1/4th of them are on TL or even less.

One can make out easily CHDBits is better than TL because TL is a general tracker and CHDBits is a dedicated HD Movie tracker.

CHDBits Invite system is closed and only staff and a few VIP's can invite members but its 100 times better than TL!

is torrentleech better than demonoid ?

TL is better than demonoid :) many times! :P

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