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Guest beezy102

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Guest beezy102

Since, there are so many trackers and each tracker has a different way to keep a ratio on, I, having a good ratio on almost every site I've been to, will help you all out in maintaining a ratio. I'm gonna start with some trackers.


-Too Damn easy. Every day approximately 20 Freeleech torrents come up. These are your way of building up a ratio. Jump on these and jump on them fast, grab a movie or two only from the whole pack and seed it for a long time, accumulate points and you get some upload. Keep doing this and you're gold in no time. :)


Well, they are a bit harder, but their Archive and MP3 sections are free, so that's way too good. The rule here is, never download anything from the Browse, XXX or the Foreign page.

Always, have patience, wait for the releases to get archived and then grab them.

Also, they have weekly 720p and 1080p packs, grab a movie from that and seed them forever. You'll reach a 1:1 ratio in no time.


- Ok. So, this tracker is a bit harder, type is:free in the search bar and click the RSS button andset the rss in your utorrent, that way you can jump on the freeleech torrents, easily. Also, wait for their complete site freeleech and keep bookmarking the releases you like and download them in the sitewide FL period.


The only way to maintain a ratio here is by jumping on the FL torrents. Approx 2-3 FL torrents come by daily, jump on them till you reqch the Class HD Lover. Then, there's Bonus Points to help you out.

Ask for other trackers you need a help on and I'll help you to the best I can. Also, add rep if you liked this post. :)

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Guest beezy102

No worries.

Any Ratio Help needed on any tracker.?

Feel Free to post here. :)

BitMe and BitmeTV

Well, these sites don't have freeleeches and the torrents have about 20 seeders with boxes even before the torrent comes on the main browse page. Very very easy to get banned there. SO, you'd have to upload your stuff.

For BitmeTV, get some encodes off of BTN and upload them there.

For Bitme, get some documentaries from Waffles during their sitewide freeleeches and upload them there. :)

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