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Your computer was once fast and now got slow?

Guest AntiLopa

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Guest AntiLopa

You bought your computer few months/years ago and all was good. Software were opened fast, windows started pretty fast.

But now? It takes minutes until the windows starts. some softwares takes a lot of memory and doesnt start very fast as they used to..

So you thought your only option is to format.. You thought wrong!

There is new start-up company that handle this issue - soluto

Its very easy software to use - download - install - restart and soluto will analyze your computer and recommend what you can disable and what not.

It based on user database actions, which mean on top the software recommendation it shows you what the majority choose..

Also if your computer crashes it analyze the crash and give you a report on that..

Try it yourself..

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Guest PrincessOfOzz

At first I thought "WOW what a great tool!" - but I had to uninstall it after a few days.

Reasons why?

Every boot was 1 - 2 mins longer than normal. Soluto did everytime some sort of tests that slowed my computer really down.

In my opinion CCleaner is a lot better

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