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Activate a Google Adwords account without Paying

Guest shardul1994

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Guest shardul1994

Normally you will have to pay 10$ or 500rs to activate your adwords account.

But This is a trick for everyone who wants to use google adwords and don't want to pay :D

Things you need -

adwords coupon.

1.Signup For Adwords!

2.Complete the signup process!

3. Take Billing Preferences from Billing!

4. Select the Country United States !!

5. Fill in the Address Details! (Use fakenamegenerator.com for fake U.S address)

6.Click Next

7. Select Manual Payments

8.Click in the place to Enter the Voucher, and a Box comes for it!

9. Put in the Voucher!

10. Go To next Page!

11. Click Submit And Activate!

12. Done!

13. Make ads and submit!

14. Check back next day to see your ads running.

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