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Fallout 76 Gameplay: Griefing Players Won’t End Well for You

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When we heard that Bethesda will be featuring PvE and PvP elements in their upcoming Fallout 76, we didn’t know how they were going to handle toxicity and griefing player in Fallout. Now they have shared, what will happen if anyone Griefs players in Fallout 76.

At the time of the announcement of PvE and PvP elements, Bethesda did not shed much light on how will they be combating griefing in the game, however, they did highlight that the company has appropriate plans for Griefing Players In Fallout 76.

At the recent QuakeCon 2018, Bethesda explained how they will be handling and discouraging griefing player in Fallout 76.

Starting off, in order to initiate a PvP scenario, players will have to attack each other. Now if one player does not attack back, the aggressor will only give a small amount of damage, unless and until the other player also fights back. The moment the other player fights back, both the players, will be giving appropriate damage in that fight.

However, that small amount of damage has the capacity for killing the other player, even if the next player does not want to participate in PvP. When a player dies, they will not lose anything, however, respawning will have a cost.

Now punishment for Griefing Players In Fallout 76 is pretty harsh. When they kill a player who is not willing, the griefer will be tagged as wanted and will appear, on the map for all the other players in the game. Interestingly if any player chooses to take this tagged griefer as a bounty, that player will be rewarded with caps, which will directly come from griefer’s own wallet.

So it is pretty useless to kill another player if he does not want to PvP. Additionally, they have also assured fans that Fallout 76 attempts to compensate, for all the level based differences.

So trying to catch Bethesda’s drift, what we can understand is that the company has a lot of focus set, on making this game connect with the fans.

Like the fact that the Beta progress will continue in the final game or the fact that company, is very much positive about Fallout 76 multiplayer, only highlights the fact that they do not want to disappoint, their fans in any aspect.

The hype around Fallout 76 is high but developers are worried about how the community will like it. Fallout has traditionally been a single player only game but the latest installment is taking a new direction.

Fallout 76 release date is November 14 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will release on PC via Bethesda’s own platform, it won’t be distributed via Steam.

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